Brand: SunnyWood

Functional and stylish, Riley Collection from SunnyWood features traditional design lines with a casual hand-detailed finish.

Exceptional materials and fine furniture-like craftsmanship are combined with features like raised field panels and applied moldings to make the Riley Collection stand out from the crowd. The cabinets utilize soft-close door and drawer mechanisms, solid wood dovetail drawer construction, full extension drawer slides, ¾ length shelves, and natural tone finished interiors.

Both beautiful and durable, the Riley Fresh White Finish with its subtle hand-applied gray glaze adds a casual note to the collection allowing it to complement many of today’s kitchen interiors.


  • Fresh white finish with dover Glaze
  • Solid wood dovetailed drawer boxes
  • Soft-close doors
  • ¾ length storage shelves
  • Soft-close drawers
  • Natural finish veneered interiors
  • Full extension drawer slides

The following are specs and items pertaining to this specific brand model

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DescriptionDoor StyleBrandDepthSKUPriceConfigurationColor
RILEY RLA1230WEP 12″ X 30″ Veneered Wall End PanelRileySunnyWoodRLA1230WEP$20.35AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA1236MDP 12″ X 36″ Matching Decorative Panel (for 36″ wall)RileySunnyWoodRLA1236MDP$65.90AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA1236WEP 12″ X 36″ Veneered Wall End PanelRileySunnyWoodRLA1236WEP$21.74AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA1242MDP 12″ X 42″ Matching Decorative Panel (for 42″ wall)RileySunnyWoodRLA1242MDP$74.19AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA1242WEP 12″ X 42″ Veneered Wall End PanelRileySunnyWoodRLA1242WEP$23.12AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA2430MDP 24″ X 30″ Matching Decorative Panel (for base cabinets)RileySunnyWoodRLA2430MDP$99.72AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA2435BEP 24″ X 35″ Veneered Wall End PanelRileySunnyWoodRLA2435BEP$33.46AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA2436MDP 24″ X 36″ Matching Decorative Panel (for P1836T & P1884 / P2484 Top)RileySunnyWoodRLA2436MDP$142.15AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA2442MDP 24″ X 42″ Matching Decorative Panel (for P1842T)RileySunnyWoodRLA2442MDP$165.62AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA2442WEP 24″ X 42″ Veneered Wall End PanelRileySunnyWoodRLA2442WEP$38.64AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA2444MDP 24″ X 44″ Matching Decorative Panel (for P1884 / P2484 Bottom)RileySunnyWoodRLA2444MDP$175.63AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA2450MDP 24″ X 50″ Matching Decorative Panel (for P1854)RileySunnyWoodRLA2450MDP$197.36AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA2496REP 24″ X 96″ X 1.5″ Refrigerator End Panel w/ Trim StripRileySunnyWoodRLA2496REP$232.56AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA24DEP 24″ X 34.5″ X 1.5″ Dishwasher End PanelRileySunnyWoodRLA24DEP$69.70AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA3096REP 30″ X 96″ X 1.5″ Refrigerator End PanelRileySunnyWoodRLA3096REP$256.37AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA30BF-RV 3″ X 30″ Base FillerRileySunnyWoodRLA30BF-RV$33.46AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA30GH 30″W Wine Glass HolderRileySunnyWoodRLA30GH$72.80AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA30PF 3″ X 29.5″ Profiled FillerRileySunnyWoodRLA30PF$24.49AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA30WF 3″ X 30″ Wall FillerRileySunnyWoodRLA30WF$16.22AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA36FV 36″ X 4.75″ X .75″ Furniture ValanceRileySunnyWoodRLA36FV$49.00AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA36GH 36″W Wine Glass HolderRileySunnyWoodRLA36GH$83.85AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA36PF 3″ X 35.5″ Profiled FillerRileySunnyWoodRLA36PF$27.60AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA36WF 3″ X 36″ Wall FillerRileySunnyWoodRLA36WF$31.74AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA42PF 3″ X 41.5″ Profiled FillerRileySunnyWoodRLA42PF$28.98AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA42WF 3″ X 42″ Wall FillerRileySunnyWoodRLA42WF$45.54AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA4834IBP 48″ X 34.5″ X 5mm Island Back Panel w/ 2 Corner MoldingsRileySunnyWoodRLA4834IBP$80.05AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA48VA 3″ X 48″ Straight ValanceRileySunnyWoodRLA48VA$21.74AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA8BM 8′ X 4.5″ X .75″ Base MoldingRileySunnyWoodRLA8BM$76.60AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA8BSM 8′ X 3/8″ X .75″ Baseshoe MouldingRileySunnyWoodRLA8BSM$21.74AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA8CM 8′ Crown MouldingRileySunnyWoodRLA8CM$73.49AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA8FS 8′ X 4.75″ Filler StripRileySunnyWoodRLA8FS$72.46AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA8LCM 8′ Large Crown MoldingRileySunnyWoodRLA8LCM$103.86AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA8LM 8′ Light MoldingRileySunnyWoodRLA8LM$52.79AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA8SM 8′ X .25″ X .75″ Scribe MoldingRileySunnyWoodRLA8SM$21.74AssembledMedium
RILEY RLA8TK 8′ Toe Kick PlateRileySunnyWoodRLA8TK$42.78AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB09 9″ Base Cabinet for Trays (Full Height Door), No DrawerRileySunnyWood24"RLB09$180.10AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB12 12″ Single Door Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB12$226.89AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB15 15″ Single Door Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB15$240.78AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB15D 15″ Drawer Bank Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB15D$362.96AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB18 18″ Single Door Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB18$254.66AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB18D 18″ Drawer Bank Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB18D$390.34AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB21 21″ Single Door Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB21$272.51AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB24 24″ Double Door Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB24$303.86AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB24D 24″ Drawer Bank Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB24D$514.88AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB27 27″ Double Door Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB27$336.78AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB30 30″ Double Door Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB30$351.06AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB30D 30″ Drawer Bank Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB30D$584.70AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB30S 30″ Double Door Sink Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB30S$271.33AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB33 33″ Double Door Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB33$405.01AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB33S 33″ Double Door Sink Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB33S$276.87AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB36 36″ Double Door Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB36$421.27AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB36DC 36″ Diagonal Corner Base Cabinet w/ Lazy Susan, Piano Hinge RHRileySunnyWood24"RLB36DC$477.87RTAMedium
RILEY RLB36S 36″ Double Door Sink Base CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLB36S$281.65AssembledMedium
RILEY RLB42BC 36″ Blind Corner Base Cabinet (requires 6″ Offset from wall, rough in 42″ total)RileySunnyWood24"RLB42BC$362.96AssembledMedium
RILEY RLP1836T 18″ X 36″ X 24″ Pantry Top Unit w/ Adjustable ShelvesRileySunnyWood24"RLP1836T$271.54RTAMedium
RILEY RLP1842T 18″ X 42″ X 24″ Pantry Top Unit w/ Adjustable ShelvesRileySunnyWood24"RLP1842T$279.49RTAMedium
RILEY RLP1854B 18″ X 54″ X 24″ Pantry Bottom Unit w/ Adjustable ShelvesRileySunnyWood24"RLP1854B$418.18RTAMedium
RILEY RLP1884 18″ X 84″ X 24″ Pantry w/ Adjustable ShelvesRileySunnyWood24"RLP1884$516.86RTAMedium
RILEY RLP2484 24″ X 84″ X 24″ Pantry, 4 Doors, 4 ShelvesRileySunnyWood24"RLP2484$710.08RTAMedium
RILEY RLP3084OCD 30″ X 84″ X 24″ Oven CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLP3084OCD$865.00RTAMedium
RILEY RLP3090OCD 30″ X 90″ X 24″ Oven CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLP3090OCD$891.56RTAMedium
RILEY RLP3096OCD 30″ X 96″ X 24″ Oven CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLP3096OCD$913.66RTAMedium
RILEY RLW0930 9″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW0930$122.97AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW0936 9″ X 36″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW0936$141.61AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW0942 9″ X 42″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW0942$164.62AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1230 12″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW1230$125.75AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1230MDP 12″ X 30″ Matching Decorative Panel (for 30″ wall)RileySunnyWoodRLW1230MDP$52.79AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1236 12″ X 36″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW1236$165.81AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1242 12″ X 42″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW1242$169.78AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1530 15″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW1530$140.82AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1536 15″ X 36″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW1536$188.03AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1542 15″ X 42″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW1542$191.59AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1830 18″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW1830$161.45AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1836 18″ X 36″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW1836$207.46AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW1842 18″ X 42″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW1842$208.65AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2130 21″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW2130$182.47AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2136 21″ X 36″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW2136$234.03AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2142 21″ X 42″ Single Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW2142$246.34AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2430 24″ X 30″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW2430$206.27AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2430DC 24″ X 30″ Diagonal Corner Wall CabnietRileySunnyWood12"RLW2430DC$257.05AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2436 24″ X 36″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW2436$253.48AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2436DC 24″ X 36″ Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinet (Pull out 0″ to 3″)RileySunnyWood12"RLW2436DC$346.30AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2442 24″ X 42″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW2442$277.28AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2442DC 24″ X 42″ Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinet (Pull out 0″ to 3″)RileySunnyWood12"RLW2442DC$347.09AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2730 27″ X 30″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW2730$224.91AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2736 27″ X 36″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW2736$295.52AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW2742 27″ X 42″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW2742$303.46AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3012 30″ X 12″ Double Door Bridge CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3012$149.55AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3015 30″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3015$167.79AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3015PL 30″ X 15″ Plate Holder Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3015PL$193.17AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3015WR 30″ X 15″ Wine Bottle Rack Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3015WR$198.05AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3018 30″ X 18″ Double Door Bridge CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3018$183.66AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3024 30″ X 24″ X 12″ Double Door Bridge CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3024$222.14AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3024-24 30″ X 24″ X 24″ Double Door Refrigerator CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLW3024-24$302.27AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3030 30″ X 30″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3030$240.78AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3030BC 27″ X 30″ Blind Corner Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3030BC$215.40AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3036 30″ X 36″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3036$307.42AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3036BC 27″ X 36″ Blind Corner Wall Cabinet (Pull out 0″ to 3″)RileySunnyWood12"RLW3036BC$285.60AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3042 30″ X 42″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3042$309.41AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3042BC 27″ X 42″ Blind Corner Wall Cabinet (Pull out 0″ to 3″)RileySunnyWood12"RLW3042BC$291.96AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3042GD4 30″ X 42″ Double Door Wall Cabinet w/ Glass Insert and 4 DrawersRileySunnyWood12"RLW3042GD4$449.04AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3315 33″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3315$181.68AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3330 33″ X 30″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3330$251.88AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3336 33″ X 36″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3336$326.85AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3342 33″ X 42″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3342$336.78AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3612 36″ X 12″ Double Door Bridge CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3612$167.79AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3615 36″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3615$205.09AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3615-24 36″ X 15″ X 24″ Double Door Refrigerator CabinetRileySunnyWood24"RLW3615-24$274.11AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3615PL 36″ X 15″ Plate Holder Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3615PL$214.21AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3615WR 36″ X 15″ Wine Bottle Rack Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3615WR$220.13AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3624 306″ X 24″ X 12″ Double Door Bridge CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3624$248.32AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3630 36″ X 30″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3630$267.75AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3636 36″ X 36″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3636$341.94AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3642 36″ X 42″ Double Door Wall CabinetRileySunnyWood12"RLW3642$342.33AssembledMedium
RILEY RLW3642GD6 30″ X 42″ Double Door Wall Cabinet w/ Glass Insert and 6 DrawersRileySunnyWood12"RLW3642GD6$481.57AssembledMedium

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