Prospect Horizon

Brand: Wolf

Transition offers modern full-access construction and features more storage space with designs to suit every taste. The select styles shown below are available with Quick Ship — for when you need delivery right away. Whether you’re still in the planning stages or building right now, Transition is the perfect solution to turn any kitchen into a room you’ll be proud to show off.

More room for storage and easy access to everything. All Wolf Transition full-access cabinets are built with commercial-grade furniture board and the latest doweled and glued fastening technology.

Understated slab doors with clean lines boldly define any room.


  • Full-overlay for larger doors with a seamless appearance
  • Larger door openings provide more clearance and easier access
  • Soft-close hinges
  • Up to 60% more storage than traditional drawers
  • Dovetailed solid wood
  • Full-extension
  • Soft-close
  • Solid cabinet box construction and doweled and glued rail joinery
  • Color-coordinated, laminated sides
  • PANEL AND SHELF THICKNESS: ¾” top, ¾” bottom on wall cabinet, 5 /8″ bottom on base cabinet, 5 /8″ side, ¾” fully adjustable shelf, 5 /8″ plywood rails doweled and glued
  • Allow approximately 5-7 weeks for delivery

The following are specs and items pertaining to this specific brand model

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DescriptionDoor StyleBrandDepthSKUPriceConfigurationColor
PROSPECT HORIZON B09 Single-Door Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"B09$217.78AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON B12 Single-Door Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"B12$233.58AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON B15 Single-Door Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"B15$251.44AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON B18 Single-Door Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"B18$269.30AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON B21 Single-Door Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"B21$287.85AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON B24DD Double-Door Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"B24DD$320.14AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON B27 Double-Door Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"B27$338.69AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON B30 Double-Door Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"B30$355.18AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON B36 Double-Door Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"B36$395.03AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON BC36 Corner Base Blind CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"BC36$279.61AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON BSKIN2448R Finished Panel, 24 X 48 X 5/8Prospect HorizonWolfBSKIN2448R$33.66AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON DB15 Drawer Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"DB15$388.16AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON DB18 Drawer Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"DB18$404.64AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON DB24 Drawer Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"DB24$444.49AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON DWP3 Dishwasher End Panel w/ 3″ FillerProspect HorizonWolfDWP3$71.45AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON FF330 Fluted FillerProspect HorizonWolfFF330$24.73AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON FF342 Fluted FillerProspect HorizonWolfFF342$32.98AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON FS330 Standard FillerProspect HorizonWolfFS330$19.92AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON FS342 Standard FillerProspect HorizonWolfFS342$27.48AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON MSHK2 2.75″ Crown MouldingProspect HorizonWolfMSHK2$67.33AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON MSW Scribe MouldingProspect HorizonWolfMSW$19.92AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON P4835 Finished End Panel, 48 X 35 X 5/8Prospect HorizonWolfP4835$152.51AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON REFP196 Finished Refrigerator PanelProspect HorizonWolfREFP196$132.59AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON SB30 Sink Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"SB30$254.19AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON SB36 Sink Base CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"SB36$287.17AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON SS36 Corner Base Cabinet w/ Super SusanProspect HorizonWolfSS36$418.38AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON TOEKICK 4.5″ ToekickProspect HorizonWolfTOEKICK$9.62AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON U1884 Utility CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"U1884$500.82AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON U2484 Utility CabinetProspect HorizonWolf24"U2484$594.94AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W0930 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W0930$127.10AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W0936 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W0936$137.40AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W0942 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W0942$164.88AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W1230 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W1230$138.77AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W1236 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W1236$151.83AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W1242 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W1242$180.68AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W1530 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W1530$154.58AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W1536 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W1536$171.06AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W1542 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W1542$204.73AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W1830 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W1830$171.75AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W1836 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W1836$192.36AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W1842 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W1842$231.52AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W2130 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W2130$189.61AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W2136 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W2136$211.60AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W2142 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W2142$253.50AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W2430DD Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W2430DD$216.41AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W2436DD Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W2436DD$243.89AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W2442DD Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W2442DD$296.10AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W2730 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W2730$234.95AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W2742 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W2742$321.52AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3012 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3012$166.25AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3015 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3015$163.51AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3018 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3018$177.25AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3024 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3024$212.97AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3030 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3030$250.76AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3036 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3036$280.98AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3042 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3042$342.81AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3315 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3315$171.06AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3612 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3612$181.37AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3615 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3615$178.62AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3624 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3624$239.76AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3630 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3630$282.36AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3636 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3636$320.83AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON W3642 Double-Door Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"W3642$390.90AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON WC3030 Wall Corner CabinetProspect HorizonWolf12"WC3030$195.80AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON WDC2430 Diagonal Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolfWDC2430$248.69AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON WDC2436 Diagonal Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolfWDC2436$270.68AssembledMedium
PROSPECT HORIZON WDC2442 Diagonal Wall CabinetProspect HorizonWolfWDC2442$320.83AssembledMedium

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