Brand: SunnyWood

Discover the serene and airy style of the PALMETTO kitchen collection from SunnyWood.

Inspired by the classic simplicity of the shaker style and the casual attitude of coastal interiors, the PALMETTO collection from SunnyWood is a unique combination of style and value. Each piece is crafted in the tradition of fine furnishings from select hardwood solids and veneers.

Featuring inset doors and drawers, ample storage options, and practical functionality allows the PALMETTO collection to complement today’s kitchen interiors and consumer lifestyles. Besides standard features like soft-closing door mechanisms and solid wood drawers, optional premium self-closing slides and dove-tailed drawer box construction are available to add to the overall value and function of this collection. Capture the casual spirit of coastal living with the PALMETTO collection from SunnyWood.


  • Full Overlay Door Style – 3/4″ Solid Oak Face-Frame
  • Raised Square Oak Door and 5 Piece Drawer Front
  • 1/2″ Grade-A Plywood Boxes – 3/4″ Grade-A Plywood Shelves
  • Finished Door Matching Cabinet Interior
  • Finished Door Matching Cabinet Sides
  • Solid Oak Rabbet Joint Construction Drawers
  • Epoxy Coated Metal Side Mount Drawer Runners
  • Fully Concealed 6-Way Adjustable Door Hinges

The following are specs and items pertaining to this specific brand model.

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DescriptionDoor StyleBrandDepthSKUPriceConfigurationColor
OPDB12 Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B12 (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB12$62.33RTALight
OPDB15 Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B15 (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB15$66.81RTALight
OPDB15D Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B15D (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB15D$211.09RTALight
OPDB18 Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B18 (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB18$70.93RTALight
OPDB18D Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B18D (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB18D$231.05RTALight
OPDB21 Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B21 (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB21$74.39RTALight
OPDB24 Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B24 (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB24$76.10RTALight
OPDB24D Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B24D (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB24D$257.92RTALight
OPDB27 Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B27 (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB27$78.17RTALight
OPDB30 Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B30 (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB30$85.06RTALight
OPDB30D Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B30D (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB30D$297.86AssembledLight
OPDB36 Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B36 (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB36$139.46RTALight
OPDB36BC Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B36BC (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB36BC$73.00RTALight
OPDB60S Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for B60S (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDB60S$127.07RTALight
OPDB30OCD Dove Tailed Drawer w/ Self Closing Glides Options for P30OCD (use w/ CB, GH, PM)PalmettoSunnyWoodOPDP30OCD$86.77RTALight
PALMETTO PMA1230MDP 12″W X 30″H Matching Decorative PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1230MDP$52.79AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1230WEP 12″W X 30″H Veneered Wall End PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1230WEP$18.63AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1236MDP 12″W X 36″H Matching Decorative PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1236MDP$60.73AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1236WEP 12″W X 36″H Veneered Wall End PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1236WEP$20.01AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1242MDP 12″W X 42″H Matching Decorative PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1242MDP$68.31AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1242WEP 12″W X 42″H Veneered Wall End PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1242WEP$21.40AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1530GDF 15″ X 30″ Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1530GDF$42.78AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1536GDF 15″ X 36″ Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1536GDF$48.65AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1542GDF 15″ X 42″ Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1542GDF$54.86AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1830GDF 18″ X 30″ Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1830GDF$46.93AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1836GDF 18″ X 36″ Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1836GDF$52.79AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA1842GDF 18″ X 42″ Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA1842GDF$60.73AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA2430DCGDF 24″ X 30″ Diagonal Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA2430DCGDF$46.93AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA2430MDP 24″W X 30″H Matching Decorative PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA2430MDP$91.78AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA2435BEP 24″W X 35″H Veneered Base End PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA2435BEP$30.71AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA2436DCGDF 24″ X 36″ Diagonal Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA2436DCGDF$52.79AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA2442DCGDF 24″ X 42″ Diagonal Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA2442DCGDF$58.32AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA2442WEP 24″W X 42″H Veneered Wall End PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA2442WEP$35.55AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA2496REP 24″ X 96″ X 1.5″ Refrigerator End PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA2496REP$213.92AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA24DEP 24″ X 34.5″ X 1.5″ Dishwasher End PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA24DEP$64.18AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA3015GDF 30″ X 15″ Double Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA3015GDF$45.19AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA30AFP 4.5″W X 30″H Angled Filler – PlainPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA30AFP$25.53AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA30BF 3″ X 30″ Base FillerPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA30BF$20.01AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA30GH 30″ W-Wine Glass HolderPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA30GH$63.15AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA30WF 3″ X 30″ Wall FillerPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA30WF$14.84AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA3615GDF 36″ X 15″ Double Glass Door FramePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA3615GDF$50.72AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA36FV 36″ X 4.75″ X .75″ Furniture ValancePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA36FV$45.19AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA36GH 36″ W-Wine Glass HolderPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA36GH$73.49AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA36WF 3″ X 36″ Wall FillerPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA36WF$29.33AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA42WF 3″ X 42″ Wall FillerPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA42WF$41.75AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA4834IBP 48″W X 34.5″H X 5mm Island Back PanelPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA4834IBP$73.49AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA48VA 3″ X 48″ Straight ValancePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA48VA$20.01AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA8BM 8′ X 4.5″ X .75″ Base MoldingPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA8BM$70.38AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA8BSM 8′ X 3/8″ X .75″ Baseshoe Scribe MouldingPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA8BSM$20.01AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA8CM 8′ Crown MouldingPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA8CM$67.63AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA8FS 8′ X 4.75″ Filler StopPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA8FS$66.59AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA8LCM 8′ Large Crown MoldingPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA8LCM$95.57AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA8LM 8′ Light MoldingPalmettoSunnyWoodPMA8LM$48.65AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMA8TK 8′ Toe Kick PlatePalmettoSunnyWoodPMA8TK$39.34AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB09 9″ Single Door Base Cabinet w/ Full Height Door, No DrawerPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB09$160.71AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB12 12″ Single Door Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB12$173.74AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB15 15″ Single Door Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB15$189.08AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB15D 15″ 3-Drawer Bank Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB15D$277.69AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB18 18″ Single Door Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB18$201.74AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB18D 18″ 3-Drawer Bank Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB18D$301.46AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB21 21″ Single Door Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB21$217.08AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB24 24″ Double Door Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB24$240.86AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB24D 24″ 3-Drawer Bank Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB24D$375.49AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB27 27″ Double Door Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB27$277.69AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB30 30″ Double Door Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB30$290.72AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB30D 30″ 3-Drawer Bank Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB30D$442.99AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB30S 30″ Double Door Sink Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB30S$243.17AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB36 36″ Double Door Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB36$338.66AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB36BC 36″ Blind Corner Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB36BC$290.72AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMB36DC 36″ Diagonal Corner Base Cabinet w/ Lazy SusanPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB36DC$439.58RTALight
PALMETTO PMB36S 36″ Double Door Sink Base CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMB36S$247.38AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMP1836T 18″ X 36″ X 24″ Pantry Top UnitPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMP1836T$249.80RTALight
PALMETTO PMP1842T 18″ X 42″ X 24″ Pantry Top Unit w/ Adjustable ShelvesPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMP1842T$257.74RTALight
PALMETTO PMP1854B 18″ X 54″ X 24″ Pantry Bottom Unit w/ Adjustable ShelvesPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMP1854B$386.79RTALight
PALMETTO PMP1884 18″ X 84″ Wall Pantry w/ Adjustable ShelvesPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMP1884$494.09RTALight
PALMETTO PMP2484 24″W X 84″H X 24″D Pantry w/ Adjustable She;vesPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMP2484$652.46RTALight
PALMETTO PMP3084OCD 30″W X 84″H X 24″D Oven CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMP3084OCD$755.97RTALight
PALMETTO PMP3090OCD 30″W X 90″H X 24″D Oven CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMP3090OCD$779.08RTALight
PALMETTO PMP3096OCD 30″W X 96″H X 24″D Oven CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMP3096OCD$798.76RTALight
PALMETTO PMW0930 9″ X 30″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW0930$110.46AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW0936 9″ X 36″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW0936$123.50AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW0942 9″ X 42″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW0942$145.37AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW1230 12″ X 30″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW1230$113.14AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW1236 12″ X 36″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW1236$140.76AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW1242 12″ X 42″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW1242$147.66AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW1530 15″ X 30″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW1530$125.80AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW1536 15″ X 36″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW1536$158.40AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW1542 15″ X 42″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW1542$165.30AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW1830 18″ X 30″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW1830$140.76AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW1836 18″ X 36″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW1836$179.89AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW1842 18″ X 42″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW1842$182.56AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2130 21″ X 30″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2130$160.71AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2136 21″ X 36″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2136$200.22AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2142 21″ X 42″H Single Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2142$208.26AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2430 24″ X 30″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2430$175.66AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2430DC 24″ X 30″H Diagonal Corner Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2430DC$251.99AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2436 24″ X 36″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2436$221.31AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2436DC 24″ X 36″H Diagonal Corner Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2436DC$301.46AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2442 24″ X 42H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2442$234.73AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW244WDC 24″ X 42″H Diagonal Corner Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2442DC$301.46AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2730 27″ X 30″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2730$206.34AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2730BC 27″ X 30″H Blind Corner Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2730BC$197.52AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2736 27″ X 36″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2736$258.51AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2736BC 24″ X 36″H Blind Corner Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2736BC$249.68AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2742 27″ X 42″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2742$265.02AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW2742BC 27″ X 42″H Blind Corner Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW2742BC$251.99AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3012 30″ X 12″ Double Door Bridge CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3012$130.40AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3015 30″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3015$145.37AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3015PL 30″ X 15″ Plate Holder Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3015PL$165.30AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3015WR 30″ X 15″ Wine Bottle Rack Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3015WR$173.56AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3018 30″ X 18″ Double Door Bridge CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3018$156.10AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3024 30″ X 24″H X 12″D Double Door Bridge CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3024$197.52AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3024-24 30″W X 24″H X 24″D Double Door Refrigerator Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMW3024-24$273.46AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3030 30″ X 30″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3030$212.86AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3036 30″ X 36″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3036$271.17AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3042 30″ X 42″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3042$277.69AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3024GD4 30″ X 42″H Double Door Wall Cabinet w/ Glass Insert Doors, 4 DrawersPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3042GD4$380.08AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3315 33″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3315$158.40AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3612 36″ X 12″ Double Door Bridge CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3612$160.71AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3615 36″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3615$173.74AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3615-24 36″W X 15″H X 24″D Double Door Refrigerator Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood24"PMW3615-24$243.17AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3615PL 36″ X 15″ Plate Holder Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3615PL$191.00AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3615WR 36″ X 15″ Wine Bottle Rack Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3615WR$205.30AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3624 36″ X 24″H X 12″D Double Door Bridge CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3624$223.60AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3630 36″ X 30″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3630$245.47AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3636 36″ X 36″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3636$304.14AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3642 36″ X 42″H Double Door Wall CabinetPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3642$314.88AssembledLight
PALMETTO PMW3642GD6 30″ X 42″H Double Door Wall Cabinet w/ Glass Insert Doors, 6 DrawersPalmettoSunnyWood12"PMW3642GD6$440.30AssembledLight

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