Galaxy Nickel

Brand: Fabuwood

With smooth finishes, the Galaxy line makes quite the impression creating a polished look with a modern flair. The line offers an impressive minimalistic masterpiece with enduring appeal.

Nickel is a painted finish that gives the kitchen a modern industrial look without feeling to dark.


  • Full overlay door with mortise and tenon construction
  • Solid wood door frames with ⅜” MDF center panel
  • Compact Blumotion soft-close mechanism integrated in concealed six-way adjustable hinges
  • 5-piece recessed panel drawer fronts
  • ⅝” solid birch drawer box with dovetail construction
  • Tandem plus Blumotion full extension concealed drawer runners
  • Dovetail construction
  • ½” select birch plywood construction
  • ¾” adjustable shelves edge-banded in wood veneer natural finish
  • Base cabinet has 18” deep shelves
  • Available in seven finishes: Frost, Linen, Nickel, Pecan, Espresso, Horizon & Cobblestone
  • Natural wood veneer finished interior
  • Upgrade available: various High Sheen finishes
  • Allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery

The following are specs and items pertaining to this specific brand model

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DescriptionDoor StyleBrandDepthSKUPriceConfigurationColor
GALAXY NICKEL B09FD Single Door Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"B09FD$187.77Medium
GALAXY NICKEL B12 Single Door Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"B12$250.36Medium
GALAXY NICKEL B15 Single Door Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"B15$262.28Medium
GALAXY NICKEL B18 Single Door Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"B18$283.15Medium
GALAXY NICKEL B21 Single Door Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"B21$301.03Medium
GALAXY NICKEL B24 Double Door Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"B24$330.84Medium
GALAXY NICKEL B27 Double Door Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"B27$360.64Medium
GALAXY NICKEL B30 Double Door Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"B30$387.47Medium
GALAXY NICKEL B36 Double Door & Drawer Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"B36$470.92Medium
GALAXY NICKEL BBM 8′ Base MoldingGalaxy NickelFabuwoodBBM$128.16Medium
GALAXY NICKEL BF3 Base FillerGalaxy NickelFabuwoodBF3$22.06Medium
GALAXY NICKEL BLB36/39 Blind Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"BLB36/39$429.19Medium
GALAXY NICKEL CM-3 8′ Small Crown MoldingGalaxy NickelFabuwoodCM-3$83.45Medium
GALAXY NICKEL DB12 Drawer Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"DB12$432.17Medium
GALAXY NICKEL DB15 Drawer Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"DB15$441.11Medium
GALAXY NICKEL DB18 Drawer Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"DB18$456.02Medium
GALAXY NICKEL DB24 Drawer Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"DB24$494.76Medium
GALAXY NICKEL DB30 Drawer Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"DB30$593.12Medium
GALAXY NICKEL DSB36 Diagonal Sink Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwoodDSB36$432.17Medium
GALAXY NICKEL DWR3 Dishwasher End PanelGalaxy NickelFabuwoodDWR3$102.53Medium
GALAXY NICKEL ICM8 8′ Inside Corner MoldingGalaxy NickelFabuwoodICM8$41.13Medium
GALAXY NICKEL LSB36 Lazy Susan Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwoodLSB36$733.20Medium
GALAXY NICKEL 8′ Outside Corner MoldingGalaxy NickelFabuwoodOCM8$42.92Medium
GALAXY NICKEL REP2496 Refrigerator End PanelGalaxy NickelFabuwoodREP2496$205.06Medium
GALAXY NICKEL REP3 3″ Refrigerator End PanelGalaxy NickelFabuwoodREP3$222.35Medium
GALAXY NICKEL SB30 Sink Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"SB30$321.89Medium
GALAXY NICKEL SB36 Sink Base CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"SB36$342.76Medium
GALAXY NICKEL SM8-S 8′ Scribe MoldingGalaxy NickelFabuwoodSM8-S$26.23Medium
GALAXY NICKEL TK8 8′ Toe KickGalaxy NickelFabuwoodTK8$37.55Medium
GALAXY NICKEL TP182484 Single Door Pantry CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"TP182484$742.14Medium
GALAXY NICKEL TP182496 Single Door Pantry CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"TP182496$810.70Medium
GALAXY NICKEL TP242484 Double Door Pantry CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"TP242484$891.17Medium
GALAXY NICKEL TP242496 Double Door Pantry CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"TP242496$983.57Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W0930 30″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W0930$143.06Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W0936 36″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W0936$166.91Medium
GALAXY NICKEL 42″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W0942$193.73Medium
GALAXY NICKEL 30″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W1230$154.99Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W1236 36″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W1236$184.79Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W1242 42″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W1242$211.62Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W1530 30″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W1530$160.95Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W1536 36″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W1536$193.73Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W1542 42″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W1542$223.54Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W1830 30″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W1830$187.77Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W1836 36″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W1836$217.58Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W1842 42″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W1842$247.38Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W2130 30″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W2130$205.65Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W2136 36″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W2136$244.40Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W2142 42″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W2142$286.13Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W2430 30″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W2430$250.36Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W2436 36″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W2436$298.05Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W2442 42″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W2442$327.86Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W2730 30″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W2730$262.28Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W2742 42″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W2742$360.64Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3012 12″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3012$160.95Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3015 15″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3015$166.91Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W301524 Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"W301524$244.40Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3018 18″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3018$175.85Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3024 24″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3024$217.58Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W302424 Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"W302424$348.72Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3030 30″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3030$268.25Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3036 36″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3036$315.93Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3042 42″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3042$366.60Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3315 15″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3315$175.85Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3612 12″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3612$175.85Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3615 15″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3615$181.81Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W361524 Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood24"W361524$280.17Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3618 18″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3618$187.77Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3624 24″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3624$247.38Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3630 30″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3630$292.09Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3636 36″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3636$363.62Medium
GALAXY NICKEL W3642 42″H Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"W3642$435.15Medium
GALAXY NICKEL WBC2430 30″H Single Door Blind Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"WBC2430$247.38Medium
GALAXY NICKEL WBC2442 42″H Single Door Blind Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwood12"WBC2442$348.72Medium
GALAXY NICKEL WDC2430 30″H Diagonal Corner Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwoodWDC2430$318.91Medium
GALAXY NICKEL WDC2436 36″H Diagonal Corner Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwoodWDC2436$357.66Medium
GALAXY NICKEL WDC2442 42″H Diagonal Corner Wall CabinetGalaxy NickelFabuwoodWDC2442$405.35Medium
GALAXY NICKEL WF330 Wall & Tall FillerGalaxy NickelFabuwoodWF330$17.29Medium
GALAXY NICKEL WF336 Wall & Tall FillerGalaxy NickelFabuwoodWF336$23.25Medium
GALAXY NICKEL WF342 Wall & Tall FillerGalaxy NickelFabuwoodWF342$28.02Medium

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