Legacy – Camden

Construction: as the market continues to demand value, ADVANTAGE Series cabinets does just that and more. Most cabinet buyers aren’t used to hearing economy and choice in the same sentence, ADVANTAGE Series cabinets proudly offers both. ADVANTAGE Series cabinets is without a doubt a line that lives every bit up to its name.


  • Doors: maple, standard overlay, detailed drawer front, flat-panel mitered, veneer.
  • Hinges: standard style wrap-around, fully concealed, 6-way, adjustable.
  • Face frames: 1.75″ X 1.75″ solid wood stiles and rails. Center stiles are 3.5″ X .75″ solid wood.
  • End panels: .5″ industrial grade particle board with natural birch laminated interior and matching wood grain laminated exterior.
  • Tops and bottoms: .5″ industrial grade particleboard with natural birch laminated interior.
  • Shelves: adjustable .75″ laminated particleboard (base cabinets half-depth).
  • Backs: 1/8″ laminated hardboard with 3″ X .5″ hanging rails.
  • Base toe kick: .75″ X 4.5″ industrial grade particleboard.
  • Corner block: plastic; Standard drawers: .5″ industrial grade particleboard with natural birch laminate.
  • Drawer guides: 75lb capacity
  • Drawer box: .5″ thick industrial grade particleboard.
  • Drawer Bottom: 1/8″ thick hardboard bottom.

The following are specs and items pertaining to this specific brand model.

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DescriptionDoor StyleBrandDepthSKUPriceConfigurationColor
CAMDEN B12 12″ 1 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B12$153.40AssembledDark
CAMDEN B15 15″ 1 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B15$163.11AssembledDark
CAMDEN B18 18″ 1 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B18$169.57AssembledDark
CAMDEN B21 21″ 1 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B21$184.82AssembledDark
CAMDEN B24 24″ 1 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B24$214.39AssembledDark
CAMDEN B27 27″ 2 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B27$230.56AssembledDark
CAMDEN B30 30″ 2 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B30$247.67AssembledDark
CAMDEN B33 33″ 2 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B33$265.68AssembledDark
CAMDEN B36 36″ 2 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B36$281.86AssembledDark
CAMDEN B9 9″ 1 Door Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"B9$138.62AssembledDark
CAMDEN BEP3 3″W X 34.5″H Base End PanelCamdenLegacy24"BEP3$60.07AssembledDark
CAMDEN BS 23.25″W X 34.5″H Base SkinCamdenLegacyBS$41.06AssembledDark
CAMDEN BTS4X1/2 96″ Toe KickCamdenLegacyBTS4X1/2$23.38AssembledDark
CAMDEN CB36 36″ Blind Corner Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"CB36$211.63AssembledDark
CAMDEN CM8 8′ Crown MoldingCamdenLegacyCM8$67.92AssembledDark
CAMDEN DCSB36 36″ 1 Door Diagonal Corner Sink Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"DCSB36$371.49AssembledDark
CAMDEN DCW2430 24″W X 30″H 1 Door Diagonal Corner Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"DCW2430$175.11AssembledDark
CAMDEN DCW2442 24″W X 42″H 1 Door Diagonal Corner Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"DCW2442$239.76AssembledDark
CAMDEN DRB30 30″ 3 Drawer Base cabinetCamdenLegacy24"DRB30$668.14AssembledDark
CAMDEN F3X30 3″ X 30″ FillerCamdenLegacyF3X30$27.69AssembledDark
CAMDEN F3X42 3″ X 42″ FillerCamdenLegacyF3X42$30.08AssembledDark
CAMDEN O3084 30″W X 84″H 2 DoorOven CabinetCamdenLegacy24"O3084$537.83AssembledDark
CAMDEN O3096 30″W X 96″H 2 Door Oven CabinetCamdenLegacy24"O3096$645.49AssembledDark
CAMDEN REP2484 24″W X 84″H Refrigerator End PanelCamdenLegacyREP2484$219.01AssembledDark
CAMDEN REP2496 24″W X 96″H Refrigerator End PanelCamdenLegacyREP2496$318.35AssembledDark
CAMDEN S3/4X8 .75″ X .75″ X 8′ Scribe NoldingCamdenLegacyS3/4X8$23.38AssembledDark
CAMDEN SB30 30″ 2 Door Sink Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"SB30$193.60AssembledDark
CAMDEN SB33 33″ 2 Door Sink Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"SB33$210.24AssembledDark
CAMDEN SB36 36″ 2 Door Sink Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"SB36$224.10AssembledDark
CAMDEN SB60 60″ 4 Door Sink Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"SB60$389.05AssembledDark
CAMDEN SBC36LS 36″ Corner Base Cabinet w/ Lazy SusanCamdenLegacy36"SBC36SLS$597.90AssembledDark
CAMDEN TDB15 15″ 3 Drawer Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"TDB15$226.88AssembledDark
CAMDEN TDB18 18″ 3 Drawer Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"TDB18$238.88AssembledDark
CAMDEN TDB24 24″ 3 Drawer Base CabinetCamdenLegacy24"TDB24$279.08AssembledDark
CAMDEN U182484 18″W X 84″H 2 Door Utility CabinetCamdenLegacy24"U182484$353.94AssembledDark
CAMDEN U182496 18″W X 96″H 2 Door Utility CabinetCamdenLegacy24"U182496$421.86AssembledDark
CAMDEN U242484 24″W X 84″H 2 Door Utility CabinetCamdenLegacy24"U242484$441.74AssembledDark
CAMDEN U242496 24″W X 96″H 2 Door Utility CabinetCamdenLegacy24"U242496$513.35AssembledDark
CAMDEN UF3X84 3″ X 84″ FillerCamdenLegacyUF3X84$45.35AssembledDark
CAMDEN UF3X96 3″ X 96″ FillerCamdenLegacyUF3X96$53.94AssembledDark
CAMDEN US96 23.25″W X 96″H Utility SkinCamdenLegacyUS96$80.20AssembledDark
CAMDEN V48 48″ Straight ValanceCamdenLegacyV48$65.40AssembledDark
CAMDEN V72 72″ Straight ValanceCamdenLegacyV72$85.44AssembledDark
CAMDEN W1230 12″W X 30″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W1230$103.04AssembledDark
CAMDEN W1242 12″W X 42″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W1242$126.60AssembledDark
CAMDEN W1530 15″W X 30″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W1530$111.36AssembledDark
CAMDEN W1542 15″W X 42″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W1542$136.78AssembledDark
CAMDEN W1830 18″W X 30″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W1830$115.52AssembledDark
CAMDEN W1842 18″W X 42″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W1842$147.86AssembledDark
CAMDEN W2130 21″W X 30″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W2130$126.60AssembledDark
CAMDEN W2142 21″W X 42″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W2142$169.12AssembledDark
CAMDEN W2430 24″W X 30″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W2430$147.86AssembledDark
CAMDEN W2442 24″W X 42″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W2442$197.76AssembledDark
CAMDEN W2730 27″W X 30″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W2730$160.33AssembledDark
CAMDEN W2742 27″W X 42″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W2742$207.46AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3012 30″W X 12″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3012$103.04AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3015 30″W X 15″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3015$123.84AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3018 30″W X 18″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3018$135.84AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3024 24″W X 24″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3024$138.62AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3030 30″W X 30″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3030$172.35AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3042 30″W X 42″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3042$216.70AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3330 33″W X 30″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3330$181.12AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3342 33″W X 42″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3342$231.95AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3615 36″W X 15″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3615$135.84AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3624 36″W X 24″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3624$157.57AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3630 36″W X 30″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3630$187.60AssembledDark
CAMDEN W3642 36″W X 42″H 2 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W3642$260.60AssembledDark
CAMDEN W930 9″W X 30″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W930$93.80AssembledDark
CAMDEN W942 9″W X 42″H 1 Door Wall CabinetCamdenLegacy12"W942$117.36AssembledDark
CAMDEN WS42 11.25″ X 42″ Wall SkinCamdenLegacyWS42$27.69AssembledDark

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