Saginaw Honey

Brand: Wolf

With a combination of style and affordability, Wolf Classic has become one of America’s most popular cabinetry lines.

Cabinets are available in 14 of today’s most popular door styles and finish combinations, including the upscale look of paints and glazes at no additional charge. A broad selection of SKUs, accessories and mouldings means Wolf Classic cabinets will make any design as beautiful as it is affordable.

Wolf Classic is a trusted choice for cabinetry. It’s backed by a five-year warranty, which is better than any other cabinetry line at this price, so you can buy with confidence.

Classic styling, with a nod to what’s new. The raised panel cabinets say “traditional” but with a slightly bolder, cleaner line. Choose from rich crimson, chestnut, dark sable or honey finishes.


  • Standard overlay
  • Maple doors with a raised veneer center panel
  • Solid maple slab drawer heads
  • Full .5” plywood sides, backs, tops and bottoms
  • .75” solid wood corner blocks
  • .75” bullnosed adjustable plywood shelves
  • Hidden, six-way adjustable hinges
  • Hidden plywood hanging rails top and bottom

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DescriptionDoor StyleBrandDepthSKUPriceConfigurationColor
SAGINAW HONEY B09 Single-Door Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"B09$130.51AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY B12 Single-Door Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"B12$151.94AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY B15 Single-Door Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"B15$160.38AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY B18 Single-Door Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"B18$179.21AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY B21 Single-Door Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"B21$190.89AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY B24DD Double-Door Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"B24DD$214.27AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY B27 Double-Door Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"B27$219.46AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY B30 Double-Door Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"B30$225.31AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY B36 Double-Door Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"B36$256.47AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY BC36 Corner Base Blind CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"BC36$194.14AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY BSKIN Finished Panel, 23.25 X 34.5 X .25Saginaw HoneyWolfBSKIN$48.05AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY DB15 Drawer Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"DB15$250.63AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY DB18 Drawer Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"DB18$266.21AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY DB24 Drawer Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"DB24$296.08AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY DWP3 Dishwasher End Panel w/ 3″ FillerSaginaw HoneyWolfDWP3$67.53AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY F330 Standard FillerSaginaw HoneyWolfF330$19.48AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY FF330 Fluted FillerSaginaw HoneyWolfFF330$19.48AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY FWF342 Fluted FillerSaginaw HoneyWolfFWF342$28.57AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY LGCROWN4 4″ Crown MouldingSaginaw HoneyWolfLGCROWN4$61.68AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY MSW Scribe MouldingSaginaw HoneyWolfMSW$21.43AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY P4836V Finished End Panel, 48 X 36 X .25Saginaw HoneyWolfP4836V$90.90AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY REFP24 Finished Refrigerator PanelSaginaw HoneyWolfREFP24$120.12AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY SB30 Sink Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"SB30$198.04AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY SB36 Sink Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"SB36$219.46AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY SCB36 Corner Sink Base CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"SCB36$212.97AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY SMCROWN214 2.25″ Crown MouldingSaginaw HoneyWolfSMCROWN214$44.15AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY SS36 Corner Base Cabinet w/ Super SusanSaginaw HoneyWolfSS36$482.43AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY TOEKICK 4.5″ ToekickSaginaw HoneyWolfTOEKICK$22.08AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY U1884 Utility CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"U1884$358.41AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY U2484 Utility CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf24"U2484$494.12AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W0930 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W0930$83.76AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W0936 36″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W0936$89.60AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W0942 42″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W0942$92.85AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W1230 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W1230$98.69AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W1236 36″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W1236$105.19AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W1242 42″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W1242$123.37AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W1530 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W1530$105.19AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W1536 36″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W1536$120.77AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W1542 42″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W1542$136.35AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W1830 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W1830$111.68AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W1836 36″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W1836$123.37AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W1842 42″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W1842$151.94AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W2130 30″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W2130$132.46AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W2136 36″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W2136$154.53AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W2142 42″ Single-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W2142$163.62AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W2430DD 30″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W2430DD$158.43AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W2436DD 36″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W2436DD$188.30AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W2442DD 42″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W2442DD$192.19AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W2730 30″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W2730$163.62AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W2742 42″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W2742$207.13AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3012 12″ Double-DoorWall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3012$96.10AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3015 15″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3015$103.89AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3018 18″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3018$111.68AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3024 24″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3024$186.35AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3030 30″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3030$167.52AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3036 36″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3036$201.28AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3042 42″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3042$219.46AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3315 15″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3315$105.19AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3612 12″ Double-DoorWall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3612$102.59AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3615 15″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3615$111.68AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3624 24″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3624$201.28AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3630 30″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3630$190.89AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3636 36″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3636$225.31AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY W3642 42″ Double-Door Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"W3642$238.29AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY WC3030 Wall Corner CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolf12"WC3030$170.77AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY WDC2430 Diagonal Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolfWDC2430$204.53AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY WDC2436 Diagonal Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolfWDC2436$209.72AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY WDC2442 Diagonal Wall CabinetSaginaw HoneyWolfWDC2442$229.20AssembledMedium
SAGINAW HONEY WF342 Standard FillerSaginaw HoneyWolfWF342$28.57AssembledMedium

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