Brand: SunnyWood

Discover the casual nature of the Branden kitchen

Collection exclusively from SunnyWood.

The Branden collection will confirm your good taste with its thoughtful design features and casual finish treatment. Each piece Is crafted in the tradition of fine home furnishings and finished with a multi-step, hand-detailed finish that SunnyWood is known for. Select alder solids and veneers have been chosen to bring out the unique character of the collection.


  • Featuring full-overlay doors and drawers, ample storage options, and practical functionality allows the Branden collection to highlight your kitchen’s interior and your own personal style.

  • Durable plywood construction has been utilized for both the cabinet sides and drawer boxes ensuring that these cabinets will continue to provide lasting value and function.

The following are specs and items pertaining to this specific brand model.

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DescriptionDoor StyleBrandDepthSKUPriceConfigurationColor
BRANDEN 12″W X 30″H Veneered Wall End PanelBrandenSunnyWoodBNA1230WEB$16.53AssembledDark
BRANDEN 24″W X 35″H Veneered Base End PanelBrandenSunnyWoodBNA2435BEP$27.89AssembledDark
BRANDEN 24″ X 96″ X 1-1/2″ Refrigerator End PanelBrandenSunnyWoodBNA2496REP$192.84AssembledDark
BRANDEN 24″ X 34-1/2″ X 1-1/2″ Dishwasher End PanelBrandenSunnyWoodBNA24DEP$58.20AssembledDark
BRANDEN 3″ X 30″ Base FillerBrandenSunnyWoodBNA30BF$17.90AssembledDark
BRANDEN 3″ X 29-1/2″ Profile FillerBrandenSunnyWoodBNA30PF$17.90AssembledDark
BRANDEN 3″ X 30″ Wall FillerBrandenSunnyWoodBNA30WF$13.43AssembledDark
BRANDEN 48″ X 34-1/2″ X 5mm Island Back PanelBrandenSunnyWoodBNA4834IBP$66.11AssembledDark
BRANDEN 3″ X 48″ Straight ValanceBrandenSunnyWoodBNA48VA$17.90AssembledDark
BRANDEN 8′ X 3/8″ X 3/4″ Baseshoe Scribe MouldingBrandenSunnyWoodBNA8BSM$17.90AssembledDark
BRANDEN 8′ Crown MouldingBrandenSunnyWoodBNA8CM$60.61AssembledDark
BRANDEN 8′ Toe Kick PlateBrandenSunnyWoodBNA8TK$35.13AssembledDark
BRANDEN 9″ Single Door Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB09$140.09AssembledDark
BRANDEN 12″ Single Door Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB12$142.00AssembledDark
BRANDEN 15″ Single Door Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB15$156.56AssembledDark
BRANDEN 15″ 3-Drawer Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB15D$212.07AssembledDark
BRANDEN 18″ Single Door Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB18$168.80AssembledDark
BRANDEN 18″ 3-Drawer Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB18D$216.27AssembledDark
BRANDEN 21″ Single Door Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB21$189.48AssembledDark
BRANDEN 24″ Double Door Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB24$205.93AssembledDark
BRANDEN 27″ Double Door Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB27$234.64AssembledDark
BRANDEN 30″ Double Door Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB30$242.69AssembledDark
BRANDEN 30″ Double Door Sink Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB30S$212.07AssembledDark
BRANDEN 36″ Double Door Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB36$275.60AssembledDark
BRANDEN 36″ Diagonal Corner Base Cabinet w/ Lazy SusanBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB36DC$384.98RTADark
BRANDEN 36″ Double Door Sink Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB36S$218.18AssembledDark
BRANDEN 42″ Blind Corner Base CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNB42BC$246.89AssembledDark
BRANDEN 18″ X 84″ Wall Pantry/Utility CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNP1884$420.11RTADark
BRANDEN 9″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW0930$96.84AssembledDark
BRANDEN 12″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW1230$98.75AssembledDark
BRANDEN 15″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW1530$107.18AssembledDark
BRANDEN 18″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW1830$121.34AssembledDark
BRANDEN 21″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW2130$135.89AssembledDark
BRANDEN 24″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW2430$152.34AssembledDark
BRANDEN 24″ X 30″ Diagonal Corner Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW2430DC$220.10AssembledDark
BRANDEN 27″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW2730$174.93AssembledDark
BRANDEN 30″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW3015$113.30AssembledDark
BRANDEN 30″ X 18″ Double Door Bridge Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW3018$123.63AssembledDark
BRANDEN 30″ X 24″ Double Door Bridge Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW3024$174.93AssembledDark
BRANDEN 30″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW3030$185.27AssembledDark
BRANDEN 27″ X 30″ Blind Corner Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW3030BC$170.71AssembledDark
BRANDEN 33″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW3315$131.68AssembledDark
BRANDEN 36″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW3615$133.60AssembledDark
BRANDEN 30″ X 15″ Double Door Bridge Wall Refrigerator CabinetBrandenSunnyWood24"BNW3615-24$216.27AssembledDark
BRANDEN 36″ X 24″ Double Door Bridge Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW3624$197.51AssembledDark
BRANDEN 36″ X 30″ Single Door Wall CabinetBrandenSunnyWood12"BNW3630$209.67AssembledDark

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